The RVA Street Art Festival’s mission is
to support arts education for children through
community based events.

Through these initiatives, we are focused on discovering and showcasing local and national
artistic talent and revitalizing neighborhoods in need of creativity and love. 



  • Dozens of local and national muralists
  • Street Art Markets, Food Trucks, and Local Beer
  • One-of-a-kind Activities for Children
  • Local and National Musicians
  • Drone and Projection Art
  • Sculpture and Environmental Design
  • Street Art Influenced Squirrels Merchandise
  • Celebrity Appearances and Much More...

“This is one of the most unique canvas’ I have ever seen and the possibilities for creativity are endless. This takes the transformational power of public art to the next level,”

Ed Trask
Noted artist and Co-founder
John Mills
President, RVA Street Art Festival Board

“The Squirrels have been such an integral part of the community the last seven years. They’re in the business of making memories and by bringing the creative and baseball communities together in such a fun way, we’re sure to create an experience that Richmond won’t forget.

We are extremely excited to team up with a great event and people involved with the RVA Street Art Festival. This is another non baseball event at the Diamond and shows that we continue to do new, different, fun and impactful things that help people in our great community make lifetime memories 12 months a year in RVA.  We are grateful for the committee approaching us and can’t wait to feel the positive energy with this awesome and one of a kind event at the Diamond.

Todd “Parney” Parnell
Vice-President & COO of the Flying Squirrels